Saturday, December 03, 2005

Peke, Untrue Love



Bawat metung kekatamu has some degree of fakeness, however slight. By fakeness I mean everything from insincerity i.e. "I really love your good cooking, it is really goooooood" to outright lying. I think to be completely honest and sincere in everything you do and say is imposibble. Sometimes it is to spare the feelings of another.

Neng kayi naman kukwa lamung ditak a nyaman at neng kayi naman buri dang pakit ing good terms la para mu ala nang ditak a pisasabyan pa.

At!!!!!!,. some People have quite a high degree of fakeness to them. Anyone that smiles while their actually scheming against you manggatong ara pen. Detang kakilala tamung taung mag promise la but, they have no intention of delivering.

It is a noble path to try to remain pure.

There are many reasons to stray, many quite innocuous side paths that don't seem to affect the journey... but it is within yourself that you know the truth of all things, no matter how self-deluded you might be.

Would it hurt so much to tell them you didn't like them? Can this lead to more sinister degrees of fakeness I ask, or is fakeness something that can be sampled and discarded with no ill effect?

Sometimes we lie ! ! ! we tell to oppressive groups or others seeking to manipulate or get personal information about our close ones.

Untrue love: (multiple opinions, I do have)

I am not monogamous, I am. I believe monogamy is a religious constriction, but nevertheless, I am. I do believe soulmates exist.

How can you tell the untrue and the truth? Instict? Since when we become expert on this? We never did. :) Are we looking for a reliable Man/Woman ? Are looking for athletism, good looks, and excitement as our highest priorities? If you put reliability as your highest priority, your pool of expectations from it will change drastically.
You cannot express love by just spending millions of dollars and spoil him/her with all these luxuries. No! no! no! You cannot say that you are so faithful by giving all that.

The bottom line is that Men, cannot remain immune to the delight which is talking, smiling, to, socialising with, and seeing another women. Is that a untrue love?

Friday, August 12, 2005

crab mentality

"crab mentality"

Para kanaku there is no such thing. Crab Mentality is a communal effort to get out of a hole, to outsiders. Wa, tutu ya ing nung lalawen mula balamu ing mipanabit la para miluwal ya ing metung. Pero dinan yung ditak a panahon ing pamglawe yu karela, you will notice the hole is makananu yang milwal itang metung? Ating sinaup kaya inabit ne or sinabit ya ketang mumuna kaya. Oita ing gagawan da reng talangka, ema, alimasag(w/c by they way they are all Family of Crab). Inabit de itang tauling dili. Gagawa lang dalan para milako la ketang karelang kulungan bisa lang mag survive bisa la dugung mie. Being a Filipino, is a part of sacrifice for the family, meko tamu keng bansa tamu para mika bie tamung masalese kaibat abitan tala deng kapatad tamu para mi-hangu la keng kasakitan. Lalu na detang maka pag residente kareng aliwang bansa.

So, comparison of human beings and animals will never tell the whole truth. But well, crabs cling to each other, and this way one pulls the other one out of the hole. Dapat akit taya ing "crab mentality" is something positive, the result of the strong family ties that Filipinos use to have. But I think that (different than crabs) Filipinos do not just cling to each other but help each other in an active, intentional way. There is a Tagalog word for this "Bayanihan", since this active effort to help a neighbor is not a common occurence nowadays, people forget. I try to find the reasons for what people say, sometimes it does not make sense. The Filipino attitude in helping each other do happen.

At deta namang mipanyira keng obra, eke talagang akakit ita karetang talangka, ema or alimasag ing ugaling Filipino. Palage ku ela mikasundo detang adwang areta. So, nung tutu ya man itang Crab mentality keng Obra, bawat Filipinong magobra king Pilipinas antita? Bawat metung antita sasabyan? mmmm Curious ku mu... Keng working environment, agiang nokarin ka munta ating eh mikakasundo pero eh bawat tau antita. At nung ing pipagobran, "elbow to elbow", malapit ing pate. Elbow to Elbow meaning mostly ken yang Factory ini halos siping-siping la at halos pare pareho la gagawan kening antining environment, maligwa ing eh mikakasundo. Lalu na nung pareho ko gagawan kaibat mapali ka buntok itang aldong ita at ikit me ing abe mu pa simpli simpli yamu aysus asahan mu atin mukal a daya. At nung ing obra mu naman kanya kanya malagad kang manakit ating mipapate kanita because you have your own responsibilities.

Keng namang negosyo, mas masanting ing dakal a competition, at deng makinabang deng consumer kalupa tamu. Nung alang competition, "monopoly" ing malyari. Example, If we go back 9years, deng computer ela affordable kanita, and now akakit tamu na mura nala uli na ning competition pababaan presyu. Oita ing buri tamung consumer diba? Oh mas masanting ing alang competition at matas ing presyu? Meragul ku king palengke Floridablanca, obat ala kung dindam mipanyira keng negosyo karin.... magkamali ku mu siguro at nung atin man, pilan? I am sure ating sumabing atin nang insidenteng antita. Ing kutang Pilan la? At nung atin man, do we have to make conclusion na deng anggang magnegosyo king Floridablanca antita la ngan? hmmm hmmm, As I always saying, don't make any conclusion base on your small sample. I am sure most of us knows that...

My understanding of the phrase "crab mentality" is that it is used in a derogatory context to describe a mindset or attitude that is against the concept of other members getting ahead (or away). The behavior that follows involves pulling others *down* to remain with the rest. I think the concept was common knowledge. This phenomenon never discussed in social science/culture courses at Philippine universities it was just common knowledge, and not something you learn from school or i should say "crab mentality" is a common mindset in the Philippines.

I think the phenomena is very interesting from a sociological standpoint.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Mamang Adung

I am trying to catch up on the volumes of email sent here "mamye" condolences and Prayers kang Mamang Adung Baluyut Family. I know some of you may not know him. I considered him as my close Bapa. Perhaps people there should simply remember him as they knew him - as for me, as Mamang Adong used to say often ... "Ay ing Abe Ko".

First and foremost, Mamang Adung was a Father a good Father. He had a natural instinct for being a friend uling mayan ya lub at maka-ayli yang mak-ayli. Anyang High School ku pag dinatang ne ing Huwebes bengi ikami nang miyayabe daretsu na kami king Gua-Gua at karin miya saganan y Mother from Manila uilng ing school supplies akutan mi. Nung Apat mung oras misasabi kami at nung nanu nanu ing apippagkwentuhan mi. He will appriciate you uli sigurong mikasundo kami keng biro at keng paningin. At kabang maka parada kami king Gua-Gua, durin that time and age, pag miras na ing alas nueve ala nang Jeep papunta florida. So, more often than not akit dakami uling ing dadalan ming Jeep atin yang Florida-Guauga-Basa. Ing gawan mi kanita malakwan ku at isake nala angga Poblacion florida bilang saup.
Once again, it is a testament to this man that he was a wonderful father to his Family.

Meko ku PIlipinas, yang menatad kanaku. 11years after, minuli ku at yamu rin ing dinakit kanaku we aged a little pero ya pa murin masaya ya at mapagbigay. How wonderful it was to see the smile return to his face.

"Ma" (as i always call him) some of the best days as we shared lots of joys and discussions together as a family.

Mamang Adung, you can finally rest now. And rest assured that you've lived an honorable, loving life, worth living. Everyone love you very much and now we bid you adieu. As we say, "you did good!"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Escape from Saudi Arabia

Another potential sad chapter in Philippine history. Wa Ricky tutu ya ing sinabi mu na sana atin yang gawan ing Gubyernu tamu to Filipino people na magobra kareng aliwang bansa to help build those countries. And I think that the Philippine government should concentrate on building its own country with its own people rather and find some other source of revenue! ay saguli! :) I think that is an illusion hi hi hi. Although Overseas Filipino Workers doing what I just said. Manakut lang pera that help the Philippine Economy (not the country)

Reminder: (from my previous opinion "My THoughts) That Poverty is the Real Enemy

kagaya na ning asabi ku nandin Rick ketang pinos ku about "My Thoughts" I admire the fact that you we are patriotic and all but the Oveseas Filipino Workers are the bread winner of the Philippines and that simply is not realistic. sure there might be jobs for them waiting back in The Philippines and I do understand that those people have dreams too. this is something that they want to do not because they like to live abroad, but because they want their families to live a better life, a lifestyle that they truly deserve.

I agree. I don't think an incident like this should prevent Filipinos who wish to work overseas for higher pay, from working overseas. Wa, mabagal pin siguro ing processing keng makanyan uling legalities. O pota naman akakit tamung mabagal uling misane tamu ketang atin tamung lalapitan para milis ing proseso? Oini ing pilit kung i advocate. Keni dakal naku dindam a Filipino at oini ing karelang statements "Corrupt la deng Filipino at sane la keng lagay lagay". Siguradu kung malikwas at sabyan ku kaya menasakit ku keng sinabi na uling aku Filipino ku. Agad kulang kutnan nung miglagay la anyang kukwa lang passport Filipinas. Era na man i-deny wa kanu ara... They are bunch of Hipocrytes aren't they?

Here is another Opinion of Mine and ala kung paturan kenini nung wari bibye ku mung benefit of the doubts; Why is it that we automatically assume that any Filipino/Filipina convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail or death in a foreign country is innocent? What if they did commit some crime? Should they then be excempt from the laws of the land they are in? Should foreigners who commit crimes in the Philippines be excempt to the laws of the Philippines? No.

Kultura Kultura Kultura My Thoughts

Kareng Indian/Hindus a akaluguran ku, ing pamakyasawa is one of their most sacred culture. This culture also may turns into violence and most of them happily(kuno) ever after. It is known around the world that Middle eastern and Oriental marriages were arranged. Wa tutu ing ela makipag Girlfriend/Boyfriend because they have a strong priciples in life. They can say "NO" nung ere buri ing i-arrange da karela and they were not forced to (culturaly). Nung atin mang antita because of the will of the Parents not the children(aliwa ing kultura da ita). Wa, mamye la ping "DOWRY" which most of it, it is their culture/trdition. And every once in awhile makaramdam tamung gagawan da mu deng aliwang lalaki for conviniences (no love). Lalu na karetang mangakwaltang babai. Atin ku pang dindam meko la keng bansa ra at anyang megisan no reng pera na ning babai, bye bye ing milyari. Just because ating divorce ketang bansang pintalan da. Atin mu namang milayari na ela sapat deng dowry silaban de ing Babai. Then again itang mesilab a babai ena buring sabyan antita ngan ing malilyari no, no no. and I wouldn't say "Deng Indian nung kulang la dowry panasakitan dala deng babai, Deng inidian ala lang choice kareng asawa da. These would be wrong statements. So, it is safe to make judgement to their cultue is "it is a arrange marriage, yes! woman will give the "dowry" and you can say No".

Atin ku namang kaluguran a Pakistani, Iranian/Muslim (they don't wanna be called indian he! he! it is really funny eyu namu sasabyan na asabi ku ita neh) also is a different story. Wa, deng lalaki pwede lang makyasawang "dakal" "Provided,! na ing first wife bisa ya at agyu da financially if not, ela pwede. It is not in the Curan though. Pwede dalang ayasawa deng karelang first cousins. Eh ya pwede ing next of kin i.e your brother or your sister. Must first cousins be forbidden to marry? In the Bible, and in many parts of the world, the answer is no. But the answer is yes in much of church law. An unrelated couple generally has a 3 percent to 4 percent risk of having a child with such problems, while marriages of close cousins add 1.7 percent to 2.8 percent to the risk. Ela maniwala kening studies a ini, uli kanung malagad mu kanung tutu ing antitang problema. Genetic problems are considerably higher with the forms of close inbreeding that the Bible forbids and secular Culture abhors as "incest."
This "Levitical law" is found in Leviticus 18:6-18, supplemented by Leviticus 20:17-21 and Deuteronomy 27:20- 23. Among the forbidden couples are parent-child, sister- brother, grandparent-grandchild, uncle-niece, aunt- nephew, and between half-siblings and certain close in-

Isn't Ironic, that is true in very many cultural practices involving women: that in Islam circumcision of females (is
not an Islamic requirement though) Chinese foot-binding, Indian suttee, Burnese neck rings ... It's usually the mothers and other women in the family that perpetuate it.

People have different culture around the world. Para kanaku datang ing panahon manaliwa ngan yan because of human rights and western influences. Give you an example, anyang anak la deng Mother at Ah-pu tamu ing malan da sasayad keng gabun ing katwiran da kanita, it is a dignified thing to do. At ngeni ing katwiran da, I have the rights to wear this and be comfortable with (eku naman buring sabyan pakakuyad na that will effects others).
Make the difference but don't change the culture you/we don't understand.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Overseas Filipino Workers Rights

Correct me here if I am really wrong. Ating kung abasa kanita na more than one-quarter of Saudi Arabia's foreign work force is non-Muslim: Indian Hindus, Buddhists from Thailand and Nepal, and Christians from countries such as India, the Philippines and Eritrea. At pinakamarakal la ata deng Inidan. And it is about $3,000, equivalent to many workers' annual wage -- must be paid by Saudi employers, some of whom try to shirk the responsibility. At sabi da it is common kareng immigrant remains to be held in Said Arabia for as long as six months while the government processes the exit visa on the dead worker's passport, and the employers come up with the money.

Saudi Arabia a country that have their own laws, majority of it approved by the citizens of that country. And Philippines or other countries have a relative freedom of religion and that doesn't mean there is a global rights to such freedom. Each and every one of us must obey the laws of a country that we visit. Nothing wrong with disagreeing with a country's laws, but if you value your own life and freedom, behave when in that country or don't go there. At eku naman sasabyan na dapat ela munta karin deng kapwa tamu.

Balu ku ating organization or group (Government) that help Overseas Filipino Workers in this kind of predicament. And "We Should" let them do all the the bloated bureaucracy and red tapes.

Disobeying any nation's laws could have serious consequences. Pero I admire The Filipino people keng karelang tapang uli na ning kakalulwan tamu manyuluk tamu nung nokarin ya man itang ayapag tamung pamangan keng lamesa na ning kekatamung pamilya. At mas dakal la deng tatakut kareng kapwa tamu for what they did. Anya asabi ku mu naman Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)are the unsung HERO of The Philippines... i'm so proud of them. While in many ways, the OFWs deserves the recognition yet, sometimes they feel betrayed lalu na ing makanyan malilyari ketang kaluguran nang Mhy. And Here they are the hardworking OFWs filipinos who work like slave we call them heroes because they are the bankrupt government. Pero pakiramdam tamu as an individual the government doesnt give a damn. The continued dollar remittances of OFWs and (68% of it from U.S.) Filipinos to their relatives in the country.

There are approximately 6.97 million Filipinos abroad. Of this total, 2.04 million are on overseas employment contracts. Over 2 million of these are landbased while the rest are seas-based. There are also 2.15 million Filipinos, or of Filipino lineage, who are permanently residing in various countries; about 1.88 million are undocumented. Whew! some statistics ha? don't worry too much on this.

The question now is, "do we have to feel betrayed" pag ating antiyan malilyare? Or do we have to hate the system?

The true enemy is poverty.

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July

Good Afternoon (whatever the case maybe)

Oini Monday afternoon Independence Day keni king America. I know East Coast i.e. New York umpisan da ne ing papa pakbung. sasaganan da ne ing karelang 4th of July. Kening banda mi atmu na katahimikan I am sure panenayan da na ing sumilim para papakbung nala at manyapak la bulsa kanyan kareng karelang firecrackers. Keta kekatamu balamu bayu yang banwa ing panenayan da reng anak para deng karelang Kwitis at lebentador ume dalang papakbungan.

Friends and New member,
Ikwa tayang tataguyud ing saya tamu keni kekatamung grupo agiang makalaut tamu keng kekatamung bansa at barrio. I know this is the best place for us para milako homesickness. I've been telling all along, ala nang masanting a lugal pa nune ing kekatamung akaragulang Bansa. Lalu na ing kekatamung Lugal.

What I have heard, Filipinos working for the Saudis, Bahrain atbp. There's even a place called Filipino Market where bargain shoppers gets a field day. The restaurants were almost the same back home (Philippines) except there's no pork in the menu. Most of them are very happy to make the money that they could never earned back in the Philippines. However, most express feelings of loneliness and being homesick. At ining kekatamung grupo yang metung a pampalunas lungkot kekatamu ngan. I know some of you may not agree whith me, Pero ing panakit ku kareng keraklan masaya la keni at mikit ikit la deng mikakaluguran, ka-barrio, siping bale at kamaganak kapamilatan na nining kekatamung grupo.
Agiang makarayu at malungkot tamu keng kekatmung pipagobran ngeni, I know we (Filipinos) have this ability to smile and laugh, even at the worst of times. Anya siguro dakal tamu Kuwayan keta kekatamu balamu bamboo tamu, they can bend us, but they cannot break us. Filipinos are the best survivors. We do not easily lose hope

Nung ala ya ining kektamung grupo, ing keraklan gagawan tamu kanyan pagtiyagan tala deng kektamung tear-jerker "kikyak at tampalingan" movies. Not that I ever cried at one of those movies...never! I am *macho* dammit! ("anak may pagtatapat ako sa iyo, ikaw ay isang ampon lamang. how digragding these script and showing no respect to our unfortunate children. o kaya ay! h'wag! wag 'mong barilin sya!! waaaaaaaaahh!!! *sniff* *sob*!!!")

Oh kaya pakiramdaman tayang gugulisak y Boy Abunda keng kayang report or Cris Aquino keng kayang ma lemyak a salita keng TFC. At babandera na ing kayang love affair ketang tau king nokarin ya man ita. Lalu na retang teterak a artista keng metung a show talent da kanu ita balamu mag piku la keng karelang terak. And with that, apapaligaya dala rugu detang kalupa kung mababa kaligayahan. (Please don't get me wrong nung wari asasabi ku mu ini as part of us being Filipino agiang rugung makanyan mu apapaligya tala deng kekatamung sarili nokarin taman miras)

One of the show na alben ku itang Wowowee nung deng karelang kontestant, detang magksakit keng bie. Dandaman mo rugu nung magkananu la panakitan keng keralng pamag tinda keng dalan malunus kang hustu sometimes, they were saying manakitan lang 200pesos a day and yet here we are sometimes complaining for what we have on what they don't have.

Makananu ka pang e Ma-Homesick, Deng mung kalugkug da reng Tricycle at deng mag pot-pot neng abak a maranun kalwal mu nung eh Pandesal a manyaman, Puto't Kunsinta la deng asali mu. Oh keni manenaya ka pang alas nueve at mag saken ka pa para saliwan mu la deng pandesal at kutsinta kaibat maka istayroporm la pa rugu melutu la anyang birthday na nitang pangane na ning magtinda.

So, friends, new members keep the thread goin at sana eh yu pagkalungkutan ing pamakyabe yu keni or eko sana ma disasapoynt kening kekatamung grupo. although sometimes our topic may not at your best interest pasensiya na kayu sana kanita. ngeni nung saya naman ing kekatamung abibye keni lalu na karetang kabalen tamung makarayu at maynip, pasalamatan ku ita kekayu. Agiang atin tamung ditak a biru at ating mituturan a mala mamon a puso pisabyan taya.

At nung seriousness ing buri yu fblanca group is the best group to place those thread/topic and i will be happy to talk to you.

At nung kwentuhan, chikahan at nanu pa man pisabyan tamung masalese yan keng sosyalan group. anya ikayu ngan binili da kayu keng sosyalan.

Ay taksipo pota naman mipakaba neng hustu ini keng tutuki naman...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Days (During Memorial Day Weekend)

Good Evening Friends,

Oini Friday night keni king kaliporniya at manenaya kung posting keng sosyalan at fblanca at alang posting hu! hu! hu! (hikbi prssst). Dening tau keni king Estados Unidos uling makaba ya ining weekend mi. Keng Lunes Holiday keni uli na ning "Memorial Day. It is a public holiday that takes place on the last Monday of May (formerly known as "Decoration Day. Ining Holiday a ini to commemorates US service MEN and WOMEN who died in military service to their country. Megumpisa ya ini karetang amanuan dang Union Soldiers mete anyang American Civil War. Kaibat it expanded to those who died in any war or military action kayari na ning World War I.

At kabang manintun kung posting ayarapan ke ining P2P (peer to peer) software at peyandaran ke at inumpisan ku nang mag download kanta. Purmero ikit ke ining kanta anyang 70s at bigla kulang aganaka deng kantang Filipino ketang panahon a ita. Ikit ku ne mo ining metung kung kras, at atmu ku kaburi kening kanta nang "Mamang Sorbetero" sus mibalik ing kanakung pangayanak. Kaibat meging malawak ining kanakung pamanintun atiyempuwan ku ne man ining kantang eku akalingwan. Uling atin yang ditak a istorya kanaku. Ketang panahon a ita, magtinda kaming Plaka (Vinyl Records and Tapes). Ating tau king basa, aku ing atiyempuwan na at mangutang yang kanta. Antini ing dia-lu-gu;

Ale: "Mayroon ba kayong Simulat Sapul"

Jojo: "Sa palagay ko'y wala"

Ale: "Baket"

Jojo: "Wala akong Magagawa"

sus maryosep ing panintunan na pala itang kanta nang Imelda Papin ing pamagat na "Bakit". I am sure some of us here do remember those "jukebox" theme songs. Lalu na ining Imelda Papin made famous and one of the Filipina Divas during her time. Some of us may say, "uuuuuuuweeee" baduy. But, to give her credit, meging parti ne ning kekatamung popular culture and made some people so "inlove during her heyday (success)" lalu na karetang "Marupok a Puso" hi hi hi. And then, it expanded my search anyang kasalungsungan kung daragul at ababalu ing makalambut puso. Ikit ke ing kanta nang ning kalaban nang Imelda Papin at ing kayang kanta na opposite ketang kanta na ing pinakamagatang "Sayang" at ing kinanta naman alang aliwa y Claire Dela Fuente. Ginamit kula deni as my theme song? I wish I could have, but never had a change... tsk! tsk! sayang! Call me outdated (baduy), and I don't think there is something wrong with it.... even if they did call me one, hmmm hmmm well, (mirror mirror from the wall, who is the mmm mmm of them all hi hi hi) One thing though, I did used some of those 70s songs ing pamagat na "Sleepless Night?" (correct me if I'm wrong) ing migkanta y MB Junior orginally from Brazil who built his career as a singer king Pilipinas. I do remember that song vividly, because of my obligation... hi hi hi and then, Bosz Scag songs was one of my favorite for my second one, at ing kayang kanta ing pamagat na "We're all Alone".... haaaay linandi na ku na naman.. at dakal la pa e.g. Honey by Boby Goldsborow, eke sabyan ing metung kalyan yu ku hi hi hi hi hi.. and many more... then, of all those metung ya ing pinakaburi ku, Inseperable by Natalie Cole.

But seriously though, dakal a ginamit kareng kantang areni maging Imelda, Claire ya man or Bosz Scag, Captain and Tenille with their popular song, "Disney Girls" at kareta namang kanakung collection a rock, "Led Zepellin", "Beatles" of course they are the best by the way... :) some will disagree with on this but I can dispute my claims.... also our own, Juan Dela Cruz Band... oh and not to mention Maria Capra. Also, to our own Pop Singers i.e. Apo Hiking Society with their "Show me a Smile" and our soft and melting hearts, Jose Marie Chan with his, Refrain. Ah download kiya naman ing popular song anyang mako ku Pilipinas ing pamagat na "Mr. DJ" by Sharon Cuneta. So, these singers and songwriters, ginamit dala deng karelang love songs as their Theme songs kareng karelang respective lovers... hi hi hi. At, meka pag download ku namang "Lets talk about the good ol' days" "naaalala mo pa ba? madalas mu siyang halikan, sa nose, sa eyes at sa anooo... Namamasyal pa sa luneta nang walang Peraaaa! ninu naman ing makakalingwan kang Rico J. one of the Popular "Kapamangan Proud". At aku man eka aklingwan uling magaral ya kanita king PSBA at ketang harapan na ning PSBA ating karinderia karin at karin kami mu naman sasaling pamangan uling malapit ya ing tuknangan ku karin. Lagi miyang akakit king karin kanita. He will do ne song for a price of Coke... Yes! it is True he will gladly sing for a price of a simple Mirienda. And then, ikit kula naman deng kanta ra deng Sing-sing itang Oh Babe. Which by the way, they started their singing gig, king Bodega keta king Malate at meging part la naman keng bie ku, ela pa sikat kanita we were at Bodega listening to this guy doing his popular gig, and going his impersonation of Paul Simon (from Simon and Gurfunkel) song "The Boxer" ing kayang lagyu "Freddie Aguilar". Yes our very own, Freddie Aguilar who made his way up with his song, "Anak". And before his turn to sing I was at the bathroom taking a leak (oops excuse me), and came in and greeted him, "Oh Pare, komusta na? he softly replied, "Heto pare kayod na naman" (while he is pulling his guitar case from the bottom of the stall). Little things that I know he is the Simon impersonator (in a complimented way that is). Everyone is cheering and yelling what song he should sing, some yelling "The Boxer" some says, "Anak" and so he did... he mixed the two songs... hay nakuuuu.. (which by the way the Anak is not even recorded)

And so, marakal ku pa a download (eke akit itang kantang "Na-na-na-bik) and shared those songs to some of our friends here in this group while chatting with them. Agiang sinaguli mu, I took them back in time... their happy times... who they are? hmmm hmmmm sikreeeet! hi hi hi... Seriously though, either those singers were trendy or out dated to some, they made some impressions in our lives.. they made our lives so memorable. and all wishing we could bring back times... because of what etched in our hearts.... which is "Love".